Molybdenum component used for glass fiber production

In the production of glass fiber, molybdenum is commonly used in various parts and components due to its high-temperature resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and compatibility with molten glass. Here are some examples of molybdenum parts used in glass fiber production:

  1. Bushings and Nozzles: Molybdenum bushings and nozzles are crucial components in the fiberization process. They are used to shape and extrude molten glass into fine fibers. Molybdenum’s high melting point and resistance to chemical attack make it suitable for withstanding the extreme temperatures and corrosive environment involved in the fiberization process.
  2. Electrodes: Molybdenum electrodes are utilized in electrically heated furnaces for melting the raw materials used in glass fiber production. Molybdenum’s high electrical conductivity and thermal stability make it an ideal choice for these heating elements.
  3. Filaments and Heaters: Molybdenum wire or filaments are employed as heating elements in the drawing process of glass fibers. These filaments provide uniform heat distribution and precise control over the fiber drawing process. Molybdenum’s high strength at elevated temperatures ensures the longevity of these filaments.
  4. Supports and Fixtures: Molybdenum is often used for various support structures and fixtures in glass fiber production equipment. These parts provide stability, heat resistance, and dimensional accuracy for critical processes, such as winding, drawing, and annealing.
  5. Crucibles and Trays: Molybdenum crucibles and trays are utilized for melting and holding molten glass during different stages of glass fiber production. Molybdenum’s resistance to high temperatures and chemical stability allows it to withstand the harsh conditions involved in glass melting.
  6. Thermocouple Protection Tubes: Molybdenum is employed in thermocouple protection tubes to provide a high-temperature and chemically inert environment for accurate temperature measurement in glass fiber production processes.
molybdenum electrode FOR GLASS MELTING
molybdenum nozzle
molybdenum tray

It’s worth noting that molybdenum alloys, such as molybdenum-rhenium (Mo-Re) and molybdenum-lanthanum oxide (Mo-La2O3), may also be used in certain applications to further enhance specific properties or to optimize performance in glass fiber production.

Overall, molybdenum plays a vital role in the production of glass fibers, enabling the manufacturing process to operate at high temperatures and withstand the corrosive nature of molten glass. The use of molybdenum parts ensures the quality, consistency, and efficiency of glass fiber production.

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