Tungsten Fastener

Tungsten Fastener

Tungsten fasteners come in various sizes and configurations to meet specific application requirements,  Purity ≥99.95% Meet

Tungsten 3,422°C (6,192°F) ≥99.95% 19.25 g/cm³ ASTM-B-760 , ASTM F288-18

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Tungsten fastener are hardware components made from tungsten, a dense and high-strength metal. Tungsten fasteners are known for their exceptional mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, hardness, and resistance to corrosion. They find application in industries where reliability and performance under extreme conditions are essential. Here are some common types of tungsten fasteners:

  1. Tungsten Nuts: Tungsten nuts are threaded fasteners with an internally threaded hole. They are used in combination with bolts or screws to securely fasten two or more components together. Tungsten nuts provide excellent strength and durability for demanding applications.
  2. Tungsten Screws: Tungsten screws are threaded fasteners with a slotted or Phillips head. They are commonly used to fasten objects together or to secure components in place. Tungsten screws are valued for their resistance to high temperatures and their ability to withstand harsh environments.
  3. Tungsten Bolts: Tungsten bolts are large, externally threaded fasteners with a head on one end. They are used in conjunction with nuts to fasten heavy or critical structures. Tungsten bolts are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications.
  4. Tungsten Rivets: Tungsten rivets are mechanical fasteners used to permanently join materials together. They are installed by deforming the end of the rivet to form a secure and robust connection. Tungsten rivets are suitable for applications where high strength and long-lasting bonds are required.
  5. Tungsten Washers: Tungsten washers are flat, disc-shaped fasteners used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener. They are placed under nuts or bolt heads to prevent damage to the surface of the connected material and to ensure a more even distribution of force.


  1. Aerospace and Defense: Tungsten fasteners are used in aircraft, spacecraft, and military equipment due to their high strength and resistance to extreme conditions.
  2. High-Temperature Environments: Tungsten fasteners are employed in industries that involve high-temperature processes such as metallurgy, glass manufacturing, and furnace construction.
  3. Electronics and Semiconductor: Tungsten fasteners are used in vacuum systems and electronic devices where non-magnetic and high-temperature-resistant properties are critical.
  4. Oil and Gas Industry: Tungsten fasteners are utilized in downhole tools and equipment where their strength and resistance to corrosive environments are advantageous.
  5. Medical Devices: Tungsten fasteners find application in medical equipment where high density and biocompatibility are required.

Tungsten fasteners come in various sizes and configurations to meet specific application requirements, providing robust and reliable solutions for challenging environments and critical applications.

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