Molybdenum Components for vacuum furnace

Molybdenum Components for vacuum furnace

Molybdenum Components for vacuum furnace -customized product:Heating Elements: Mo heat shield ,Mo trays & baskets:Mo insulation components; Mo connectors etc

Purity:≥99.95% Density: 10.2 g/cm³ Standard: ASTM-B-387 or ASTM-B-386, Type 360, Type 361, Type 363, Type 364, or Type 365

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Molybdenum Components for vacuum furnace

Molybdenum is a popular choice for various components used in vacuum furnaces due to its excellent high-temperature properties and resistance to oxidation. Here are some common molybdenum components used in vacuum furnaces:

  1. Heating Elements: Molybdenum heating elements are widely used in vacuum furnaces for their high melting point and good electrical conductivity. They can operate at temperatures up to 2,000°C (3,632°F) in a vacuum or inert atmosphere.
  2. Heat Shields: Molybdenum heat shields are employed to protect the furnace chamber and other sensitive components from direct heat radiation. They help maintain temperature uniformity and prevent overheating of the furnace walls.
  3. Heating Trays and Baskets: Molybdenum trays and baskets are used to hold and support the workpieces inside the vacuum furnace. They provide excellent thermal stability and can withstand high temperatures without deforming or reacting with the materials being processed.
  4. Boats and Crucibles: Molybdenum boats and crucibles are utilized for melting and holding materials in vacuum or controlled atmosphere conditions. They are often used in applications such as sintering, brazing, and annealing, where high temperatures and resistance to chemical reactions are required.
  5. Heating Insulation: Molybdenum insulation components, such as sheets, foils, and screens, are used to line the walls of the vacuum furnace to minimize heat loss and improve energy efficiency. They also help reduce thermal gradients within the furnace chamber.
  6. Connectors and Flanges: Molybdenum connectors and flanges are used to join different parts of the vacuum furnace, such as the chamber, heating elements, and gas inlet/outlet systems. They provide reliable and leak-tight connections in high-temperature environments.
  7. Electrodes and Contacts: Molybdenum electrodes and contacts are employed in certain types of vacuum furnaces, such as electron beam or plasma furnaces, where electrical discharge or plasma generation is required for specific processes.
  8. Identify your requirements: Clearly define your specifications, including dimensions, composition, surface finish, tolerance, machining/fabrication needs, heat treatment requirements, and any other specific parameters relevant to your application.We will give you the best products ASAP

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